about, © & disclaimer

I decided my ‘about’ page could do with a little zhooshing up; because where I was when I started, is not where I am now.

I’m still the awkward owner of the pts(d) title. However, I’ve come to believe that I probably have never not had pts(d) and that is part of my reconciliation process … embracing what I am; not because I’m some kind of pts(d) retard whose in some warped denial, but because I get now, that bad fucking shit happens to funky people like Me; and although I may spend the rest of my life responding to said bad shit, by fuck, I am determined to do it with every fibre of my being. If I can find some kind of contentment in everything that I am, then I continue to beat the odds and I am ‘win-ning’.

Everything in this Blog is my shit, copy written as © kpm 2003, unless otherwise stated. Please be respectful of that. And please Note: I will find you eventually and forward your details to the appropriate authorities if you should fuck with that part of my feng shui.

You can follow my artistic ‘responding’ processes here:




Note: I am a professional in MY field, which is ME and only ME. I am not ‘qualified’ to give medical, therapeutic or psychological advice. I only have my opinions and experiences. If you take something wholesome from that … sweet … but don’t quote my shit as lore! While I’m pretty on point, eventually, I’ve learnt through MY mistakes. Therefore, I take no responsibility for my story or my shit or my quotes or my rambles, being taken out of context.

So, nearing the 45 mark, this Woman – mother, grandmother, activist and feminist – continues to unfold, respond, learn and love.

And just keep this in mind as you peruse my Blog:


Welcome 🙂

30 thoughts on “about, © & disclaimer

  1. I get you.Totes…..as soon as you even BEGIN to write about any sort of ‘mental illness’ real or not, all the ones who can’t afford a therapist knock on your laptop for advice, which you really don’t have the bloody time for, nor do you need the irritation! Can they not READ for shit sakes! BTW, love your name which I cannot pronounce. Must be a fucken retard.

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  2. I just saw that you liked something on my blog. I followed the link back to your blog. I’m glad I did. Your writing is so raw and clear. I love it. Look forward to spending more time on your site. Thank you for sharing your experience so openly and honestly.

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