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kahuiarangi | me, for short

a self-proclaimed O.G. , artist & emotional retard: i utilise music & large amounts of writing & sarcasm to help keep my shit in perspective, in an attempt to process & reconcile pts(d) & depression.

& to try & live some kind of authentic life bullshit.

note: everything in this blog, is my shit, copywritten as ‘kpm ©’ 2003, unless i say its not.

my shit is sorta dark & definitely brutally honest. & i have little reverence for mainstream … well, for much of anything actually …  which is more of a declaratory statement & disclaimer rather than a ‘warning’. i can’t do ‘conventional’ methods of anything, so don’t take my shit as lore. it is My shit & just another story & opinion i hope you can consider.

so …  nau mai haere mai.

make yourself @ home : you won’t regret it.

*sarcastic tone employed, eyeball roll inserted*

ig @kpm-artist