freedom to choose

I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations lately…regarding freedom of choice.

I’m a passionate believer in the individuals right to choose. No matter what it is, there should always be some kind of choice involved. Now most of that ‘passion’ for choice, comes from the need to control my own destiny; and after a series of traumatic events beyond my control, that I have had no choice in throughout my life, it seems more prevalent than ever.

I’m not saying that peeps I know make choices I like, or even agree with, but it is theirs. They own it. What I don’t like, is the lame excuse of, ‘I do it, did it, because everyone else does it, so it must be right’. What are we? 6?

I don’t like being told I should do ANYTHING that I don’t agree with, or have a choice in. Sets the old ptsd prickles on fire! 😉

Welcome to my world peeps


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