what i remember…1978

I don’t know if I liked school or not. I know it smelt strange. There were lots of kids. I know there was a perfect stranger, my teacher supposedly, who told me what to do. Who TAUGHT me apparently. I didn’t like that.

I remember ‘CHIPs’ and ‘Happy Days’. I remember collecting ‘ABBA’ cards out of the bubble gum packets.

I remember living with people I didn’t know. I don’t remember my room. I know we lived across the road from my school.

I had a red cardigan. I don’t remember it but I’ve seen it in photographs.

I remember watching the rugby game with my Grandad. I remember the smell of beer and tobacco. It wasn’t unpleasant and reminded me of Grandad.

I remember my good Uncle. I remember him getting me to scratch his back. I remember him laughing. I remember his dog.

I remember ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’. I remember ‘Play School’.

200px-Wonder_Woman_braceletsI remember the Pastor yelling at me for standing on the chair. In the middle of the worship service. In front of all the parishioners. I remember feeling very small.


I remember feeling cold. Little. Alone. Not quite right.

To old for my size. Abit sad.


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