ptsd treatment update

  • The binaural beat things seem to be working in conjunction with sleeping pill reduction
  • Walking everyday seems to be tiring me out naturally, at last
  • Backlash of sleeping pill reduction – lots and lots of dreams – exhausting and vivid – a replay of old things I’d forgotten – some exceptionally hideous ones
  • Noticing more
  • More aware of when the panic starts to set in – usually before I leave the house – and on my way back – maybe 5 minutes before I reach home
  • Last couple of days I’ve been able to minimise the panic and yesterday was able to detect its starting moment
  • Terrified of what is coming – what I’ll walk into
  • Breathing and self-talk – I am not going home to anything I can’t handle – this place is the safest place you have ever been, in your whole life – enjoy it, don’t dread it
  • Doing 3-4,000 mgs of lypo-spheric Vitamin C – research suggests high doses of vitamin C help to reduce/repair the damage high cortisol levels / adrenaline have on the immune system.
  • I’ve added more protein to my diet, as research again suggests increased protein helps with the latter
  • Protein and green tea …. but I can’t do the green tea oooouuuuyuck … I have a raw egg instead :0 lol
  • And finally – the raw food eating seems to be doing me good – I don’t digest heavy, therefore my heart rate doesn’t increase – therefore no panic
  • It also means – less allergic reactions – and I’ve been able to decrease my antihistamine intake
  • And finally – I’m now able to take raw cows milk …YUM … and have cut out soy milk – research again suggests that long-term use of soy (non organic) increase progesterone – in my case that aint good :)

Keep going you good thing you xo

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