Hey Caryn Or Karyn Or Whatever Your Name Is

Do you remember me?
Well I remember you
I remember your prying
Invasive fingers
And your trying to look innocent
I remember the nod you would give
As I played on the jungle gym
And I remember your
Let’s keep this our
Dirty little secret look
Did you know I already had one?
Way way bigger than this one?
Did you realise your invasion
Wasn’t the first
And was by no means
The last?
Well I grew up
And I’ve carried the guilt
And shame of you
For far to fucken long
I get now
That you were probably being
Fucked at home
Or somewhere else
And that your little soul
Was probably as tormented
As mine
The empathetic part of me
Feels for the fucked up part of you
But I hated you for invading me
For guilting me
And tormenting me
And while I wish you
No direct harm
I wouldn’t shed a tear
If learned you had
Had your prying little fucking fingers
Severed, the fuck off.

kpm ©


11 thoughts on “Hey Caryn Or Karyn Or Whatever Your Name Is

    • Hi. I don’t do ‘private’ contacting. You’re most welcome to leave a public comment in this space though, and I will reply. Thankyou for stopping by :)

      • No Problem,
        I can understand why. Thank you for the welcoming to continue to discuss with you. If you are uncomfortable with this conversation please let me know. With that said, May I ask about how old the perpetrator was and how long ago this was?

        • Excellent. As a heads up for yourself, pts(d) via child sexual assault is the foundation of this blog, as stated on the front page. It’s not a topic I am unfamiliar with or unaccustomed too and generally does not make Me uncomfortable. However, I will ask what your intentions are for asking the age of the perp and timeframe?
          I converse with quite a few people on my blog but have not conversed with you before, therefore I am unfamiliar with who you are or your intentions.

        • You are right, I only have only come to this page(have not read the rest of the blog) via a search engine in looking for information on a admitted perpetrator. I want to rule out the connection of your story and this person.

        • I read your disclaimer.. you need not answer any questions.. I have ruled out the coincidental circumstances.. Keep up the strength and growth in dealing with these demons.

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