nightmares … four


I move along, through a place…space. I stop and can feel someone /something watching…moving with…miminking, me. I turn and theres noone there. I keep doing what i was doing…washing my hands…folding…picking something up…and it moves with me. Just short of me. Like a stutter or movie thats not quite in time with the talking. I turn again and there’s no one there but i can feel them/it breathing. Breathing on me, on my face; and i can feel it moving. I start to cry and i can hear a snigger. Not loud, low. I stop crying. It stops sniggering. I move, it moves. Im scared. Pressure tightens on my neck. It sniggers. I cant breath.

I wake up.

I think i was about 6-7 when these started.

dreams are just plain old bitches mate.

kpm ©


4 thoughts on “nightmares … four

    • Hmmmm i like the sound of that! Might put that to the shrink and see if she can integrate into our sessions….its gotta be more interesting than trying to make the air ballon move….bio – feedback i think its called…killing monsters sounds waaayyyy more therapeutic :) :) and fun :)

        • Interesting. shrinks says im good at it too! but, now she reckons while i can breath well, and i can get the coherence thing where it should be, my body is still tensing up…shes trying to find ‘non medicating’ therapeutic who dangys to try next…so im gona suggest we do what you’ve suggested :)

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