I made thirty…2002

The pedo remained in prison, and I had sent him a letter some time around here.

It was along the lines of confronting and forgiving him, because that’s what it was all about…and I was trying to do the godly churchy thing. It helped to a certain degree. The letter got him put into segs though and that became the family focus…that I had written to him with the intention of getting him into trouble! Pfft fucking pfft to that. Little bastard had already received way too much fucking sympathy. Pfft. If he had a hard time in prison…oh fucking well! Not my problem…my business was trying to forgive the cunt.

Anyway…I hadn’t thought I’d make it to 21…and when I turned 21, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it to 30. But I did. So I celebrated the shit out of it! 😉

I’ve never really disliked aging…everything gets a bit saggy-er and wrinkly-er, but its pretty cool to still be around. When I can drive again, I’ll be even happier!

My Dad had breezed in for a brief moment around this time and me and the girls went to a family reunion up the coast. I got a bit more of a handle on who was who and how big the family actually was. I made connections with one of my Uncles and his family. He didn’t realise we were a couple of hours away from him and was pretty pissed at Dad for not connecting us sooner. Nice I thought. He’d ring every week to catch up and see how we were going…like a Dad should I think. I loved him…heaps. We had ‘cousin’ issues with the family…the usual bullshit…but shit I loved this dude. Bastard went and had a heart attack a couple of years later…that shattered me and the girls really. But there was another cousin from right up the coast who would come down and see us when he was coming through…beautiful man…and I deeply appreciated his love and caring for us…as family. It made us feel welcomed…part of something larger.

My girls were doing well in our new house…so was I too. I loved this period of my life. I enjoyed teaching them…hanging out with them…loving them. My oldest girl had a few issues in her new high school so I had taken her out and was home schooling her. It meant I got to spend more time with her and she got to unravel some of that rage 🙂 she’s a beautiful girl. Deep. Sincere. Dam gifted. I loved loving her.

I found an awesome friend at church. She was/is a ‘fringes’ lady too. We spent a lot of time with her and her kids. She’d had a similar series of events happen to her with her kids, so we compared notes and supported each other. We still do.

Through her I met a friend/colleague of hers, a criminal psychologist, who I would catch up with weekly…to discuss the shit he did. I wanted to know if his line of work was what I wanted to do. He encouraged me to get back into study and go with the flow…see where it took me.

I made a shitload of goals that year. Study being one of them. Then I enrolled back into University, majoring in sociology. My first assignment came back with an A for amazing lol. And that’s what I did for the next 6 or 7 years…study part-time, work part time and raise the girls.

I started DJing on the weekends…not that I was very good at it…I was to nervous really…and getting pissed and trying to concentrate on vinyl is not a great mixture…I kept doing it for a couple of years though.

30 was a good year. 🙂


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