& what?

thought i’d better document my progress, before i forget i’ve actually made any.

  • i went for a walk.
  • without the beepy bits
  • without the medication bag. Whoop.
  • i sat in the front seat of the car…for the first time in…ages. without my blanky, and beepy bits…I had everything else though…sunglasses, music, medication bag. Whoop.
  • i stayed in the front seat of the car all the way to the next town
  • only freaked out a couple of times…and didn’t take any medication. Whoop.
  • went into three different shops…freaked out in one and almost hit the ground, but didn’t.
  • the third one i actually enjoyed…it reminded me of Nan & Grandad.  Whoop.
  • did therapy…meh.

it’s all progress. apparently.

yes, i’m feeling ultra sarcastic today. and not in a positive way.

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