42 days notice

I think being given notice to move out of your home is stressful for anyone.

Try having PTSD and related anxiety issues.

I’m happy to report on day 1…I haven’t rained down hell on anyone, including myself.

I am breathing and I have had a few tears…ok quite a few tears…here and there. But I’m ok…sort of.

I grabbed the camera and started clicking instead of re-running the ‘why why’ theme song.

I will be A O fucking K.

To follow…house pics…and lets see how tomorrow rolls.


2 thoughts on “42 days notice

    • Thankyou…we looked at another house today…so when I’ve finished getting over having to leave this one (I’ve given myself another 2 days :)), I think I’ll be alright…then the packing begins.
      Btw…thank you for showing up and giving me feedback or hitting the like button…its deeply appreciated. I always grin when I see the little purple planet in my notifications. Its nice to know someone actually cares :)

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