My Way

Have you ever just wondered

where the fuck the universe gets off

piling shit upon shit…and seemingly, never letting up?

We applied for that house…

And we were declined…due to having

a bad credit rating!

Your fucking joking,

was my response? At first…

then a more polite…ahh what?

My credit rating, up until last year,

had been more pristine than Greece’s A hole!

But no one gives a shit

about that when it’s all business.

Apparently because I voluntarily

entered into Insolvency

and have since been discharged,

my credit sucks.

And I got that part.

But there was no…

‘hey, you awesome mother fuckers

you have awesome references, both professional and personal.’

‘You’ve paid all your rent and never defaulted.’

‘We understand your credit has been more pristine

than Greece’s A hole up until…this point.’

And Me –

Ahhh you get I’m not the one

paying the rent ay?…

apparently that doesn’t matter…

“you are both subject to a credit check.”

HOhhh wait up –

SUBJECT to a credit check?

What is this?

A police pat down?

When I got off the phone…

shaking and angry…

I was partially elated

I had even rung her…

I stopped doing phone calls a long time ago…

but the other side of my yin and yang

was completely fucked off.

“Hey…You…Yeah YOU…fucking Universe!

What the fuck is going on!?

Why kick a dog when its down already?!!

Can’t you just let up for one god dam moment!”

I was fucked off…

the good part of all this though was…

I was soooooo fucked off

I found that deep-seated fighter fucker

that lingers in the depths of my spirit…

yeah her…

I haven’t seen or heard from her,

well so loudly, in a very long time.

She kicked in…

‘fuck their standards…

fuck their checks…

fuck their fucking ratings…

I’ll Make My Fucking Own!’

So that’s what we’re doing…

not sure how yet…

but that’s what we’re going to do…

Do It Our Own Fucking Way.


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