photographic art: [processing & ‘saying goodbye’]

Our first beach home.

Saying goodbye is hard.

But it’s been such a beautiful place

To rest; recuperate.

I wish we could stay,

but I have a feeling

that better things are waiting.

And every moment spent

In this beautiful space,

I am grateful for.

I appreciate.

Every family moment,

Every laugh, and every tear;

I am grateful for.

Without this,

I wouldn’t know how to love the next.

Without all this;

I’d forget why I’m here in the first place.

I guess everything has it’s purpose.

And has it’s time.

And this did.

Have its purpose and time, I mean ;)

And the memories …

They’re mine to keep.

To add to my ‘nice dreams’


To remember what I like,

and why I like it.

Time to move On


This was when we left our first house @ the beach. I was absolutely pts(d) ridden (anxiety-wise) and stressed as fuck. I was trying to calm the proverbial farm and get on with it but it was fucking hard.

I guess this is sort of where my affair with photography ‘speaking for me’, or expressing emotionally, what I couldn’t verbally / physically, started to happen more.

kpm ©







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