and I got in that driving seat again

I forget to celebrate the goodness…

But I need to, to make sure it doesn’t get drowned out by the shit.

We decided to go the shop the other day for a brownie…yes, that’s right our local shop sells the meanest brownie! I think it’s possibly the best in the world…so just as well on one knows where I live :).

Anyway, I was feeling like a lard ass and a little funky and sulky over the pending move, so we decided to drive the 500 metres to the shop…yes, that’s right.

Anyway again…the point of this post…just as we were about to commit the ultimate laziness sin…I decided I wanted to try driving again. My partners  jaw dropped open and he was about to speak…something smart and possibly inciting…and I did the miss thang ‘hush your mouth man, and give me those keys’. He did.

I jumped in and pretty much pretended I had been doing this shit for years…I got this. I backed out the driveway as my partner put on his seat belt and started to grip the seat. And again he was about to say something smart and I hushed that man to silence.

I drove the length of our street, round the corner, did a U-turn, parked…and breathed. I turned the car off and sidled into the shop like I owned the place…with partner, still gob smacked and looking a little intimidated, in tow. I bought my brownie (yah to the brownie and double yah to being able to purchase that mother!)

I proceeded out the door back into the front seat of the car, started it up and went in the opposite direction to our house. The partner asked where we were going…and was I alright…and his pie was getting cold and he wanted to go home…and shouldn’t I turn the other way. To which…he got, ‘Fuck Up Man’.

I carried on…I turned 4 corners…I passed 3 cars (parked cars)…and drove behind a moving car…I turned our corner…I went up the driveway and parked that bitch!

I did it!

And I was awesome! And I am proud of me.

And then I left the partner, still gob smacked, in the passengers seat of the car, went inside, made a cup of tea…and ate my deliciously amazing victorious brownie!!

:) :) :)

Next time I may go a little further…and I may go by myself :)


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