I got to his game!

In the last week I’ve done three different family gatherings. And I am happy to say, I not only managed them…I actually enjoyed them…all…immensely…and intensely!

Yesterday I went to see my nephews basketball game. He’s an amazing little sportsman and has just been picked for the under 13 regional representative team. The last time I watched him play anything, I think it was soccer…and it was over 5 years ago.

I was scared…of the people…the crowd…a new place…the sounds…the anticipation. And when I got there…after the backseat drive (which I decided was the safest bet for this one)…some of my ‘fears’ were accurate. There were shitloads of people. And the arena was packed. And it stunk…and it was loud. They had nets over the walls and that freaked out my eyes…my senses. And there were people talking and shouting and there were beeps and horns and kids yelling.

But I breathed.

And even though it freaked me and my delicate wee senses no end…I loved it! I joined in the yelling from the side line and I cheered him on and I clapped and smiled and whooped and hollahed! Freaked myself out! But it felt like 5 years of making up for not being at any of his games all came tumbling out! It was awesome!

Then I felt extremely fatigued and sinus-y and headache-y. And instead of trying to persevere like some kind of champion with a cause and point to prove…I went home. I had a cup of tea and a little nanny nap…I woke up, and grinned from ear to ear! I still am! I did it…I enjoyed it…and enjoyed it some more…and managed myself like a fucking pro!

And this won’t be the last of my darling nephews games I get to see! Now he’ll have to get used to his Aunt making an ass of herself on the side line! :)


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