I went out…

Now, as a woman, I believe it is a god given right to go clothes shopping at least once or twice a month. And online shopping doesn’t count.

I haven’t been clothes shopping for nearly 3 years. Until today!

Now I’m definitely not saying the ‘shop’ itself was successful…but the attempt at…the browsing…the experience…well that was!

I did the car ride…tentatively. And I stayed in the back seat this time too. The traffic was horrid, but I managed…I breathed. And I think I closed my eyes maybe, three times. I did it without my headphones too!

The shop itself was huge with those horrible fluorescent light things. But I took my time and made sure I breathed…and stopped when I needed too. There were foreign smells and noises that usually cause me to run a mile…but I stayed with it and breathed.

I think we were in that place for about an hour!

I felt pretty depleted after we came out…but not completely overwhelmed! And I managed to purchase 2 items!

I miss doing that! And I’m going to do it again…not sure when…but I will.

To top off my outing…I went to the vege shop. Now I haven’t done that for about 4 years. My daughter or my partner have done all the shopping for all this time. Some of me sees it as natural paybacks for having done that shit for god knows how many years. But going back into the ‘war zone’ was intriguing, triumphant and unpleasant.

I’d forgotten how fast our society is. How unnecessarily busy and rude it is. And I can’t say I’ve missed that.

I was ‘tsked’ and ‘humffed’ a couple of times. Once, for the tattoos…yes, I saw you, you crinkled up old bastard. The second, was for not moving along fast enough.

But you know what…I breathed! I didn’t speed up…I didn’t run away…and I didn’t knock that old bastard out!

That was a successful outing I think!!

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6 thoughts on “I went out…

  1. I felt the same way recently, I don’t go shopping in the traditional way, so up comes the guy, I kindly tell him I’m just browsing, geez man wouldn’t get off my back wasn’t like the store was full, then had the nerve to be mad I didn’t need his help, I’m not sure if it’s always been this way but man things are screwed up these days…

    • “… don’t go shopping in the traditional way” ? What do you mean?
      But yes, I hear yah with all of that … I did a coffee shop the other day and got a response like the one you’ve said … I was going to tell him to stick his coffee up his ass … But my Mama was with Me and she wanted coffee ;)
      Things are definitely screwed!

      • Some lady at the office is always raving and ranting about going out and fighting crowds for sales, I was like why not just go any other day apparently the sale would be missed, crazy to me normal to her lol…

        • Ahhh … so you go the ‘other days’? Thats Smart!! I do the same … go on quiet days. And if its about Sales, we usually find out how long the sale goes for and buy on line (lol), or go towards the end. No sale is worth fighting crowds of people over I reckon.

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