signed, sealed, delivered

We signed our lease for the new rental today. E X C I T I N G lol

I had to go in and sign as well, which meant a little drama…car, trip to a strange place, new smells, new people…lots of deep breaths…sunglasses, music, breather – beepy machine…lol…but I did it

…because I want to stay by the sea!

Ahhh the motivators. But I did it, and I’m well pleased with myself.

It’s been a big few weeks…and as I’m feeling like I’m coming to terms with the whole thing, and managing the ptsd shit that loves to kick in large at times like this…my partner…ahhh the partner.

Well, I’ve decided men are slightly delayed with processing stuff. Really delayed. I’m sure he calls it something different…you know, something that sounds more intellectual and manly…

But I still think its delayed.

From the get go I knew this thing would be hard…and y’all have heard about it no end lol. But the partner has just shrugged, apparently being cool calm and aggravating-ly collected about the whole thing. WELL…turns out, he’s now freaking out…he’s angry that we have too leave…that he doesn’t like where we’re going…that it’s unfair…

generally boo hoo hoo.

I’m sort of sympathetic…well understanding is probably a better way of putting it.

And my advice to him today…into between taking deep, thou shalt not panic and freak out, breaths…was

“Fucking man up you pussy…it is what it is…deal with it.”

Hmmm…hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass ;)


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