we all lost stuff

When its gone

It’s all gone

Your stuff

Your dignity

Your loved and love

Nothing hurts

There’s no more

Threat to you

Can rest in nothing

He was officially homeless

But he smiled more than most

He wore sun glasses with no lenses

He said it was an irony

He possessed a guitar

And the clothes he wore

And a blanket

He drank as much as me

Just different liquid

When everything was closed

We’d find each other

We’d laugh and sing

And drink

First night he found me

Holding up McDonald’s window

Couldn’t see two fingers in front of my face

‘You a’ right babe’

‘You got a home babe’

Nodding all the while

He says

‘You lost’

That wasn’t a question

And picking up my drunk ass

He took me to his ‘place’

Tucked me in with his only blanket

Last nip

Pat on the head

‘You be a’ right’

I don’t know where you are now

But you showed more kindness

Than I had ever had

Or deserved

When I told you about my girls

You said

‘We all have a story

We all lost stuff

Lots of stuff’

Thank you

I hope you found your lenses



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