i will find

torn away, from the breast

gripped by the wrist

wrenched at the neck

gasp, the breath


dipped in dark

black walls, tears

a goats head, candles

on the bare, bald head


seig heil mother fucker

knowing not what you, speak

nazi, fucker

oi, drop down


low in the pits

of your bowels

swims pestilence

reptiles, waste


drinking from another’s

pain, suffering

a sadist, sadistic cunt

to petrify


so another is

and you are not

but you are



frightened little penis

with nowhere to run

from the humiliation

torment, tortured soul


to spread your disease

and fear, fear of

everything, of you

is your survival


twisted hate

wretched stench

wrinkles up

and overflows


I, cowered

I, fought

I, pleaded

I, cried


You, laughed

You, lurched

You, sneered

You, dribbled


Tap now

On my soul

Lets see

If I’ll come out


i’ll howl, scream

shrill, chill

you’ll tremble, eye whites

fumble, mumble


i’m coming to get you

coming to get you mother fucker

no more seig heil, oi specials

coming to get you mother fucker


as your blood spews

the snot and pus run

I be lighting a candle

on your goats head


freedom, I will find


from you, your prison

I will find


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