a harsh emdr sesh

In between the personal mayhem of moving house…

>which for any peep is a slightly stressful ordeal…but for the ptsd peep…its quite a little fucked up nightmare…well this particular peep anyway…<

the shrink tried to ‘touch base’ (one of my non-favourite terms in the politically correct handbook) a couple of times during the ‘fortnight that was’. No such luck until last weekend…

and of course me and my hu-mungeous mouth, did the old ‘bring it on, lets deal with this shit’.

And after a lot of finger waving and tears and an hour and a half later…I was W A S T E D! It hurt like a bitch and I had cried like a bitch…

I thought I was done with all the emotional crying bullshit…turns out…NOT!

This was part 2 of the ‘bigger one’, memory, which involved the pedo cunt. And apparently I haven’t finished with it yet…but I did good pfft.

I sort of thought this emdr thing was gonna be a little ‘easier’…but really…it took 30 odd years to get to this point, so I’m pretty sure its not gonna be an ‘overnight’ fix…but I wish it was.

So, roll on Saturday for part 3.

Can’t wait.

By the way…have I mentioned ptsd sucks ass??


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