The shrink today

She says it’s all improvement, after regaling the ‘restaurant’ feasco.  That 6 months ago I wouldn’t have gone there at all. So well done me.

She’s talking about a sensory deprivation tank?! Never heard of it before, but apparently it blots out sensory input so you can…chill. The idea for me i guess, is to lessen the time it takes to come ‘down’ from a freak out episode. But this shit is ex – pensive and isn’t really in the ACC budget. ..go figure…but copious amounts of brain fucking medications are grrr.

Anyway….now we are going to work on getting ready to go in to her office for my appointments instead of her coming to me. …all part of her master plan of ‘re intergration’ pfft. But I’ll roll with it for now…I want my bloody life back….well actually,  no I don’t…I want a re modeled one!…so rolling with it. ..


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