living it?

The goal is to get to living…


I went back to the dam restaurant…you know, the one I bailed on with a 8 point something on the panic attack Richter scale…yeah, well I went back…And this time I ordered a hu-mungeous coffee…to have in…and I stayed! And I enjoyed my coffee!! And no panic attack…a couple of anxiety ‘flutters’ but that’s it.


I went for a L O N G walk…not a token walk….down this…

my beach

my beach

which was also bloody awesome!


I finally went and got my blood tests done…not so awesome…but I did it! Had a  possible 2.5 panic attack…but lived to tell the tale! And asked for a lollipop for my troubles.


I went to see the shrink…at the shrinks office…In town! 3.5 on the scale…but once again…lived to tell the tale!


Went to see the moko babies :) and their parents…At their house :) They’re so beautiful.


Hung out and made sand castles with moko midget and her mama…

:) :)

Btw – she didn’t like the sand at first but she got used to it.

– moko can walk now :)


I went into a shop I hadn’t been in for about 3 years…and I bought shit! (Not literally…I actually bought organic toothpaste and coconut oil lol)


Last but certainly not to be the least….

I took care of ME :)

kpm ©



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