so hows the ‘living’ going you funky thing, you??

Was the question that travelled rapidly through my mind as I squinted at the partner and could feel the muscles in my arms tighten…and could hear my voice starting to raise into a semi harpy screech and a booming…I’m going with…Thor type hollah…but slightly more ‘feminine’.

My god, I could submerge him in a small pool of water sometimes…no sweat.


Yes both a statement and a question…they are hugely infuriating and I’ll be fucked if I understand them…especially this one…at all! Nearly twelve years (I think…I stopped counting a couple of years ago…it seemed to be depressing) on and I wonder if I have learnt anything at all about the testosterone driven species that I currently reside with…yes…currently.

And up until yesterday, the ‘living’, was going pret-ty fucken awesome, if I do say so myself. And I’ll recap the week…soon.

At the moment though…I just needed to vent…about HIM…

the partner grrrrrrrr grrrr.

May he live to see another day hmmmm.



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