new medium…

In amongst all the shit fest that is happening at our residence at the moment, I got my clean on, again…because that’s what I do to make myself feel slightly more in control of my environment…jesus bloody hell…

~rolling my eye balls at my self~

So, I discovered a bag of concrete mix in our shed, and my love for concrete is rather weird but its something that makes me smile and has good memories attached to it. I’ve been wanting to build my own home for like, forever…and predominantly out of concrete. Anyway, this whole finding the concrete thing, got me thinking…

Besides the obvious for me, what is it I really want to do…build a house? Bricks? Walls? What is it that actually gets me going? …

~good lord, rolling my eyes at my self again~

I enjoy plastering…and when I paint, that’s what I end up doing…thickening the paint and plastering it on the canvas…I think I enjoy the texture of it.

Then Eureka…lets apply concrete to slabs of wood, or canvas or whatever, and see what happens.

So I did…and my god…I haven’t enjoyed my art this much…ever! So I think I may have found my new medium…it needs some tweaking, but I’m even enjoying that! I usually get hell’a impatient with painting…the whole applying, drying, re applying…thing. I’ve always been reasonably abstract in my design, but never really got the jist of my own thing…

But concrete, wood, plaster, paint, industrial design…well that is right up my alley…and I think I’ve been trying to go that way for ages…but I guess the timings right now…

Watch this space :)


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