the word, cunt

When I started working with Youth Justice, I was reasonably open-minded, I thought. And my language had always been ‘flavoursome’ to say the least. But I had never come across a place that used the word ‘cunt’ so flamboyantly. At first I thought it was severely distasteful…and I can hear the nods of agreement already, ‘it is distasteful; it’s a revolting word’. And while that is partially true, like the word ‘fuck’, there is an exuberance relating to the word that just seems to embody the spirit of its expulsion from ones lips.

Needless to say…I left Youth Justice with a new word added to my vocab-lyric repertoire ;) And now when the need arises, which it seems to do quite frequently lately, a punctuated ‘fuck you cunt’, is flung at its recipient. Which seems to bring quite a warm fuzzy feeling throughout my body.


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11 thoughts on “the word, cunt

    • Lol, not quite like this. Our language is quite direct so there wasn’t any need for ‘expletives’ lol. For example the term ‘pakeha’ is used for europeans. Its in reference to the whiteness of their skin ;)

      • Direct and too the point gotta love it, do many people still speak it, or is it one of those passed down pick it up cause the older folks spoke it kinda thing, there’s something similar on my side, a language of old, if you know it you know it if not oh well lol

        • There was a revitalisation of the language in the late 70s, early 80s, and that continues. That was because the language was nearly lost. There are hardly any oldies left that speak the original tongue though.

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