post surgery havoc

They didn’t offer to bring him home, the partner that is. And I didn’t get to go down…instead my daughter and her partner went and got him. Not before they had absolutely depleted him of all energy…his family that is. Grrrr.

And when he got back he was sore…I haven’t seen him like that before. And I’ve spent the last  4 days taking care of him. The partners getting better…we haven’t found out what the lumpy thing is, that they took out of his back…another wait, 3 weeks I think.

Then today, his ‘family’ came to visit…not before the phone call asking if he could come and help with a ‘family’ working bee…OMFG! He declined that but upon their arrival, he miraculously made a semi recovery and got to look after his nephew…who has a disability btw…and has completely fucked himself again! Grrrrr

Now, after saying, well actually spitting my piece a few times today and realising that the partner was not going to listen to sound fucking reason…I left him to it. He ended up pushing a rather large push chair down to the beach by himself…when he’s hardly been able to walk to the fucking toilet all week!

In my anger today, I realised that I can’t take care of him if he won’t help to take care of himself! I told him that…and no doubt we’ll argue about it when everyone’s gone home.

He needs to realise this one himself…i’ll do my piece…but he needs to see what it is and realise he’s just as important as they are! And then tell them to go get fucked!

Hopefully that realisation comes before he breaks his back completely!



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