I’ve never liked the title ‘Wife’ … Binged it, and I think I’ll be staying with the word ‘partner’…just saying…



  1. a married woman considered in relation to her husband.

    synonyms:spouse · partner · mate · consort · woman · bride ·

    old lady · wifey · one’s better half · the missus · the little woman · WAGs (wives and girlfriends) · one’s other half · her indoors · (old) dutch · trouble and strife · lady · memsahib · helpmate · helpmeet
    • archaic
      a woman, especially an old or uneducated one.


  1. a married man considered in relation to his wife:

    “she and her husband are both retired”

    synonyms: spouse · partner · mate · consort · man · groom ·

    bridegroom · hubby · old man · one’s better half · other half · lord and master · helpmate · helpmeet


  1. use (resources) economically:

    “she husbanded their financial resources through difficult times”

    synonyms: use economically · use sparingly · economize on ·

    be frugal with · manage thriftily · conserve · preserve · save · safeguard · save for a rainy day · put aside · put by · lay in · reserve · store · stockpile · hoard
    antonyms: squander · waste


late Old English (in the senses ‘male head of a household’ and ‘manager, steward’), from Old Norse húsbóndi ‘master of a house’, from hús ‘house’ + bóndi ‘occupier and tiller of the soil’. The original sense of the verb was ‘till, cultivate’.


husband (noun)
husbands (plural noun)
husband (verb)
husbands (third person present)
husbanded (past tense)
husbanded (past participle)
husbanding (present participle)
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