hmmm, whale?

Decided to do one of those “discover what you are” fuckers on Facebook…I chose number 6. When it came up ‘Communication’, I thought, what ever Trevor…but I read on…I get the water element…that’s me, well what I’d like to be.

There’s a saying that goes with our iwi (tribe) on my mother’s side … ‘Ko Wai Au’ … the river is us, we are the river … the story that goes with it, is something like…water flows, it has no substance as such, it can’t get stuck, it doesn’t hold one shape, it moves … I like that.

I also get the ‘verbal and non-verbal’ forms of communication…that’s me…give the finger and a pfft and move on ;)

But the whale???

I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not lol … I mean, yes I’ve gained a bit of weight, but really? …. then I read on … oh the ‘spirit’ of a whale .. alright that’s a bit airy fairy for me… but wait …

“Graceful but commanding presence…”, hell yeah, that’s me lol.

Communicating my truer self in all situations ;)





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