365 reasons to smile ~ 43.

43. Homemade body scrub – going to try this one out 😄


4 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 43.

      • Hahah, I guess that did sound a little off! has a bunch of essential oils, and they ship just about everywhere, if you’re unable to find it locally. I bet you could even just zest and juice a lime with similar effect.

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        • hey…each to their own lol
          And thanks for that, I will have a look at that … but yeah, also wondered about the zesting/juicing thing … ohhh looking forward to it!
          I stopped using body scrubs and perfumed soaps etc years ago and had to go with the bland sort of non perfumed, non additive stuff…along with allergies/intolerances/stomach, bowel upsets…for me…came a whole heap of skin conditions! Yah…was just another thing to add to the list at the time…but shit like this … makes me a little excited, to say the least :) :)


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