So, I have been browsing through other blogs, some randoms and the ones I follow…and I generally go to the ABOUT page first, just for a heads up on what I’m in for, if I can’t tell from the title of the blog, what the blog is about that is. It’s at the ‘about’ page that I can hopefully find out whether it’s a religious nut jobs blog, or a neo Nazi disguised as something else, or a random troll rambling on about random things (nothing against any of these, it’s just not my thing lol)…or something that I completely dig in one way or another.

Anywho…it got me thinking about my own ABOUT page…and after reading it through, and reading it through again, I thought it was actually a little ‘raw’, brisk, unfriendly, anonymous, impersonal in a social kind of way…maybe even slightly combative…like…go on, say something, I dare you to disagree with me, kind of feel.

So, I hovered over the ‘edit’ key for a time, pondering on what else I could add in  there, just to make it seem a little more ‘readable’ and friendly…you know, socially acceptable.

And whilst hovering, and pondering, I pondered onto another line of thought…’so what do you want to fluff it up for? and what do you want to fluff it up with? are you gonna tell them you have a cat, and its black and has a shitload of fleas because he won’t wear a collar? or are you going to tell them about your age, your hair color and how tall you are? what you like to eat on Fridays and what you cook, when you cook? or maybe you could lie and say you’re a dignified poof who does high tea and buys orchids every fortnight? But really, wasn’t being ‘raw’, brisk, unfriendly, anonymous, impersonal and combative the point? isn’t that actually YOU? weren’t you trying to express your ptsd shit without the worry of being encapsulated in some kind of ‘you should do it this way’ thing? doesn’t your ABOUT page actually do that? and all the people who do read your stuff, don’t they actually like that about you? (and I’m not referring to all those that are on the little ‘follow’ me thingy, I mean those handful of peeps that actually READ my shit)’.

Hmmmm good point ME.

So, fuck it I thought…and my ABOUT page remains unchanged :)


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