introspection interlude ~ bring on the food

So, as I sit here typing, with a face full of the only thing my attempt at gardening produced this season …. one zucchini! … one would think I’m having a healthy, self fulfilled, self-indulgent moment …

However I’ve fried the fuck out of said zucchini with half a pound of butter and lathered it with just as much salt. I’m not sure if that still makes it healthy for my physical well-being … but it is hugely hugely satisfying for my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being!! Yes, my physical well-being may suffer the consequences of this binge … but all of Me really does Not Give A Fuck at present ;)


So, introspection regarding the shrink has come to an interlude – possible end.

I’ve rescheduled our next appointment for a couple of weeks. Practical things have come up … but honestly, I could change these … but Nahhhhhh. I’m going to use this time to …. do other shit.

No really, I’ve moved through a few stages over the last couple days. Entailing … revenge … running away … revenge … rational thought process … revenge … ‘how could she’ … revenge …

And I’ve settled on this:

  1. The Shrink is entitled to her personal opinion
  2. The Shrink is not paid for sharing her personal opinion
  3. The Shrink is paid to assist with MY wellness with all her psychological know how!

So, that discovered … I can now forge my response.

After some more zucchini and butter :)



2 thoughts on “introspection interlude ~ bring on the food

  1. Ya know, it seems weird, but when I went to therapy, I found I needed post-counseling counseling. Even weirder, the combination of getting pissed off by the therapist, then blowing off steam afterward really worked wonders.

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    • Hah..thats bloody interesting! so its not just me! so, the question then becomes, is the therapy actually doing anything or is it the venting about the therapy / therapist the thing that is actually doing something hmmmm thats a costly vent though lol … this woman gets 250 for 40 minutes of ‘therapy’ …. imagine how many brownies i could buy with that!!

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