Nanny moment .. wondering, what happened to play?

My eldest moko (grandchild) is eight; he’s gorgeous … expressive, introvert/extrovert … creative, intelligent … extremely intelligent … I love him xxoo

Some medical freak somewhere would possibly diagnose him with some type of ADHD or Conduct Disorder if they could get their hands on him. But he’s allowed to be himself … and it’s a most beautiful thing to watch. (All my mokos are raised the same … and allowed to be themselves … and they too, are some interesting little midget’s … very beautiful to watch them develop into all that they want; should; can; will be … just from being allowed to be themselves.)

Anyway, the eldest moko likes to swing from trees, scale fences, climb through windows, make forts, ride bikes, play the drums …. leap off / up buildings in a single bound 😉

It was in one of these latest routines that he fell out of his manoeuvre and hit the ground in an awkward way … breaking both of his wrists / forearms. Holy fucking OUCH!

The other thing this little man does, is handle pain ‘differently’ from ‘most’. So when the ambulance was called, the officer didn’t believe that mokos arms were broken, because he wasn’t crying. The only thing that convinced this ambulance officer was the limpness in the limbs and the swelling.

So off to the hospital they went … X-rays etc … then they strapped him up. He goes back in today for proper casts on both arms.

Now, I was talking to my girl (mokos mama) last night, and she was saying that she hadn’t realised how judgemental the average fucker was … when asked to explain … she said, “Mum, they all stare at him … then Me … and one lady actually asked what was wrong with him, like I had done something to him … K (moko) played on that one and said I hadn’t caught him properly when he fell out the tree” … hmmmm sounds like him.

But in amongst my girls ponderings she had also picked up on the distinct feeling that she shouldn’t have been letting moko play outside; in a tree … well, children just shouldn’t be ‘playing’ at all … not like they used to!

Hmmmmm … really? And then someone said it to her … ‘kids shouldn’t be playing like that…its too dangerous’.

So, I’m uncertain of what is actually considered ‘dangerous’ nowadays (shit i sound old!) … playing on the road … Yes … walking to school by themselves … Yes … etc etc

But playing, generally … swinging from a tree? Yes, accidents happen … but if we wrap them up in a large wad of cotton wool, they end up being extremely anxious … and extreme pussys! I mean, really, what is wrong with playing, and what is wrong with an accident or two?

Anyway … moko has his casts put on soon … and i think he’ll think twice about doing a spiderman move from the tree in the back yard … but I don’t think it’ll stop him from being adventurous … and I am well pleased about that !

~Not sure about his mama and papa though … one to many trips to the A&E 😉



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