Post ‘Star Wars’ Marathon?

So, I didn’t realize there were sooooo many Star Wars movies … and after a long night of watching in ‘order of storyline’, not release date (apparently a Star Wars buff NoNo lol), I’m up to 4, and am slightly, happily buggered 😁

Time for a break. …

1. Step one ~ Ella.


2. Step two ~ Pancakes, nitrate free bacon, bananas and maple syrup. All washed down with coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans!


3. Resume Marathon 😁😃

Happy Sunday .. May the force be with you 😂😃



4 thoughts on “Post ‘Star Wars’ Marathon?

  1. Star Wars is magical for me, but mostly because I’m old enough to have seen 5 and 6 in theaters. I often wonder if the magic holds up for newbies seeing it on the small screen. I have no love for 1, 2, and 3. Like none. I tried. Of course the latest was wonderful and brought the original magic back. Well, what do you think? Did you love them?
    I’ve introduced my kids to 4, 5, and 6. My youngest at 5, a girl, loved it, my son at 7…meh, didn’t seem to care.

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    • It’s an interesting thing for me…I to am old enough to have seen 5 and 6 in theaters lol … but I don’t ‘remember’ them as such. What I’ve come to realize with having ptsd / being in a dissociative state nearly all my life … I’ve ‘missed’ lots of things. I have friends that love Star Wars…have all the little figurines, posters…memorabilia lol and I’ve always wondered why. I now I get it … While the movies are super cheesy, they’re. ..another world, fantasy … but fun 😃 I’ve found myself walking round the house humming the theme tune all day lol. Long way to answer your question sorry … Yes, I hate to admit it, I did enjoy them! I had to watch ‘in order of storyline ‘ though, helps me to get a full picture. There’s soooo much I missed! On there own, 1,2,3 don’t really measure up, but in the whole story line, they’re good 😉 … my kids are grown and have no love for the movies…my grandchildren are 8, 7, 2 and 1. The oldest 2 haven’t seen them but I am thinking about introducing them to 5 and 6 😃

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