365 reasons to smile ~ 103.

103. Well I’ve waited nearly 2 weeks for this puppy; apparently it’s been MIA; but finally showed up this morning.
Is it all I hoped and prayed it would be??
Hell No! !! You gotta laugh though 😆😄
That’s whatcha get when you shop online ! 😑😄😂😃



4 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 103.

    • Lol .. i stood there looking at it, then the picture … like ‘what the’ … ohhh money well spent alright … and now the tablet frisbee is cooling my laptop as we speak … (apparently its ‘ultra silent’ .. but i keep looking outside for the small aircraft coming in to land!!!)

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        • Yeah that whats the little ad said it was … i was using a book and a dvd nicely piled on top of one another, then the other laptop shit itself; apparently due to over heating, so i thought i’d ‘upgrade’ …. hmmm … if they call that ultra silent, then i hate to hear what not ultra silent sounds like! Maybe like a chainsaw lol

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