365 reasons to smile ~ 109.

109. Found this under my “You Have Memories Today” section on Facebook … its from 2014 and it made me smile ;) (Yes I talk like this everywhere ;) )

Warning: Personal (lengthy) moment…fast fucken forward if u can’t/don’t want to read…don’t whine about it later lol

“When my kids were little, i made a list of goals that i wanted to achieve….included were the usual blah de blahs – lose weight, get fit, get a degree, get a good job….goals that fulfilled the need to succeed….to prove to myself and every motherfucker that had made me feel like shit, or said ‘you cant’; that, fucken ay, I can!

As the pakeha stats went then (and they haven’t changed that much), Maori women were beneath the bottom of the pyramid of power. Our prospects weren’t hopeful – the list of shit against us included poverty, sexual abuse, limited – nil education, teenage pregnancy, rape, domestic violence, separation, sickness and an early death. Yippie….NOT!

I wanted my girls to see and have something different…so I went on my solo mission to prove every fucker wrong! Suffice to say…I succeeded! I have an over priced pakeha education, i had the over stressed job that pays shitloads for no personal reward, I’m not poor, I was skinny lol….blah blah….but although shit happens I raised two amazing girls that will in turn raise amazing little people of their own. That right there is my greatest achievement – to re-shape the world!

But what I didn’t realise when I made that original list…was that I didn’t actually have to prove a god dam thing to any person or stat that places me in some kind of compartment of degradation. I was and am, already, awesome by design. We all are, just because we are living and breathing….there never has been and never will be another one of me

So, with all that in mind and having completed the first list I decided to make another list of goals.

Its shorter than the first

1. Remember to breath
2. Love lots
3. Eat plenty of chocolate
4. Drink plenty of exquisite coffee
5. Wear gorgeous, ridiculously high heels whenever possible
6. Design and build a house
7. If in doubt of my awesomeness; Ink that shit and go back to number 1!!!
8. Live!
I’ll let you know how it all goes!


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