gratitude: night sky

I love my beach at night …

2011-01-09 03.25.07

That little pointy bit on the horizon, is the tip of Mount Taranaki; which is miles away, but that coastline curves round to the north of us. You can usually only see it on a really clear day … but last night we got a glimpse of it as the sun was setting.

2011-01-09 03.33.52

It’s truly an amazing place to live and I am filthy grateful :) xx

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6 thoughts on “gratitude: night sky

  1. Delish, ain’t it? The Oregon coast produces similar hues on clear nights, but with less volcanoes. All our volcanoes are inland. The best night is the one when you realize there’s nobody on the beach but you and the stars and you can just lay down on that flat, hard, wet sand and fall upwards into the black.

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