our local renting dilemma … watching this space ;)

I posted this on our local Page the other day … and it was taken down pretty fast. While I had said ‘remove if not appropriate’, that was in reference to its length. The information is pretty pertinent to local renters here, and people who own holiday homes, and rent them out through a Property Management Service.

I messaged the administration of our local Page, to ask (politely) why it was taken down, as there was no adverse reaction to it … I am still waiting for a reply.

Renting anywhere, is a bit of a bitch, but has its upside to … however renting here, has been rather enlightening; and not positively. Because we want to be at the beach at the moment, we’ve kinda learnt to work around the whole situation … but its not right. And its taken me awhile to respond; due to other pressing matters on my rather busy PTSD agenda lol …

But in keeping with my present mantra:

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes”

…. I be doing a whole lot of ‘speaking’ ;)

Ohhh … and I haven’t finished yet ;)

“This is a query/concern of sorts; and it has to do with RENTING PROPERTY in this area.
Admin please remove if it this not appropriate.
I understand that there are some mongrel tenants and i do believe that there should be measures in place to filter out those who are not going to take care of a property or pay their rent. I also think however, after my recent dealings, that there should be a system whereby potential tenants are able to ‘vet’ a Property Management or landlord.
I have always taken care of my rented homes, like they are my own. I have never, ever defaulted on rent payments or failed to inform the landlord of faults or wear and tear situations. When I leave a house I’ve been renting I leave it in better condition than I found it. When I am looking for and applying for a home to rent I provide all necessary documents, references and monies and am always open to being asked questions.
I expect the same courtesy from those I rent from.
We spent a year looking for a property to rent within [this] area before finally went with a [local]  agency and a property in K* Ave. We moved with the understanding that the property would be cleaned and all cosmetic flaws would be remedied within the first month.
Cutting an already long story short; we spent close to $500 to clean up the property. We were never reimbursed for this. We were given a 90 day eviction notice after informing the Property Management on several occasions that the water tank was leaking and the roofs in all buildings were leaking causing further damage to walls and wiring, and a retaining wall was giving way.
Eventually we took them to the Tenancy Tribunal and won. It was noted that it was illegal to re-rent a property that was technically uninhabitable, if the owners/Property Management were not willing to fix it. It was also illegal to give notice to tenants who were doing what was required of them by law – to report faults.
We were then given a 42 day notice as the owners had then decided to sell. That was just over 2 years ago.
As we looked for a new property to rent we were shown some filthy and severely damaged homes, to be rented out at $250 plus per week. None of them looked like they were presented online! It was insinuated that we were ‘being fussy’ and my reply was always … if fussy is clean, then fussy I am!.
We finally found a modest, inexpensive home still [local], through [a local Property Service]. It had been left dirty and damaged by previous tenants, but was cleaned by the time we moved in. We have nothing but love for B* and N* at [local Property Service]!
I think my concerns have been re-raised recently after we had a situation arise when an older family member, was declined an application by a Property Management in this area, because apparently the ‘owner’ didn’t want to ‘clean up’ the property as was requested by the applicant. Instead ‘they’ chose to roll with another applicant who was happy to have the property, as is, where is, so to speak.
So my concern – query of sorts is: If a ‘owner’ pays a rather hefty fee for a Property Management Service to maintain their property, select and filter the right tenant, do house inspections quarterly; how is any property left in a mess or damaged? Because on top of the owners annual fee, the tenant pays a rather hefty bond to get into that property? Is it that somewhere between renter, property management and owner of the property, there is a bit of a break down and a possible palming off of responsibility / money ?
We met the ‘selling owner’ of the K* house when they came to pick up their property from the house. They were aghast at the ‘decline’ of the house, realising that this had been a long term steady decline. So, if I had’ve been that owner, I would’ve been wondering where and what my annual fee had exactly been spent on, because it was surely not maintenance, repairs or general up keep!
As a renter or an owner of property to be rented, maybe the Property Management you go with should also be vetted first??
*Note: There are NO governing bodies which oversee a ‘Property Managements’ actions [in this country]. Which means there are no avenues to go down to lay an official complaint re rental properties. And that does not just apply to a renter, but also the ‘owners’ of those rental properties.


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