medical, what?


they, being the pro-fess-shin-nals,



nothing wrong with you

you need to give up smoking,

you need to drink more water,

you need to get more sleep,

a bit more exercise.

That was the 80s.

roll on the 90s…

you need counselling

you need to talk more

be more open and shit

not so untrusting.

But also do what we told you in the 80s,

cos that’s still sound advice.

2000’s roll on …

and its,

we have a new pill

actually a few of them.

You need to try these.

“but i thought you said there was nothing wrong”

Oh, sorry, we forgot to say

(but not admitting such, in any technical kind of way,

so you could sue the shit out of us, in a technical kind of way):

your depressed, and then after that

you got yourself a little borderline personality disorder thingy

but that’s normal for someone who has your history

when they hit their 20s and 30s…

a couple of stomach ulcers

some kind of immune disorder thingy that we’re not to sure about

oh and then just yah run of the mill

eczema, asthma bullshit.


but now you’re in your 40s its

PTSD, hard-core,


depression hardcore,

and an all round break with reality,

yeah well, that sets in, did we say

in your 40s?.

Here we have more pills for that,

take two, then three, then four,

next week 6, then 8, then we’ll


the dose the week after

and then add a few

more concoctions;

because you all

fucked up



and if you don’t take these,

we will make a note with



you are not cooperating.

ME in response to all you


pill pushing

no ears motherfuckers

who took my money no sweat,

who signed the slip so i could have more

fucking pills,

but won’t HELP:

Go fuck yourselves!



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