waaaay different we is;

Me and the partner are, on a good day, like a yin and yang 🙂 On any other day we are from entirely different planets … one evil, one not … guess which ones whose!

And while I’ve learnt to laugh at some of the differences and live with the rest, as I’m sure he’s had too as well; some times I find myself pulling at my greying hair, mumbling something along the lines of … “fucking hell, the kids were easier than this!” Because they were!

And the things that I haven’t got used to aren’t things like the toilet seat being up, farting or dirty washing everywhere … and although these piss me off, I have my ingenious ways of dealing with them … mwahahaha.

Basically though its this:

Me : Minimal

Him : Hoarder; messy bastard!

You see the essence of minimal is just that. Little amount of furniture; tidy lines; NO CLUTTER! And my love of all things minimal comes from a few ‘reasons’ … less stuff means less to clean up, less to pack up and move, less to fix, less to clean round. It’s less thinking, less worry, which evokes more peace, more calm.

Minimal also means functional, well for me it does anyways. If it doesn’t have a specific purpose, then get rid of the bastard! My idea of ‘ornaments’ is something thats still functional. As in, it holds something; gets used at christmas time; has memories attached to it.

And yes, my wardrobe is also the same!! If I don’t wear it I get rid of it.

Now, my mother says this is a ‘gift’, being organised and shit. And I like to think that it is lol … but the universe saw fit to pair me up with a partner … THAT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!!

Today I’ve done about 5 laps of the house, inside and out, mumbling to myself all the while – “how the fuck … what the fuck … ReallY???”

Out the front door we have a wonderful pile of wood that the partner went into the forest to get yesterday. Wonderful. I appreciate it no end. ….. However:

It’s wet, the wood that is. It’s winter. It won’t dry enough to burn this fucking winter!

And before you think, what an ungrateful bitch … heres the scenario that occurs with virtually everything… I say it, he ignores, we suffer for it, he has a brilliant idea (which was mine originally), he does it, we don’t suffer. This could all take approximately a year and a half for any given ‘thing’.

(end of spring LAST year) ‘Dear, we should get some more wood now so that it drys over summer, ready for next winter’ … ‘Yeah yeah, I’m on it’.

Now, I used to just organise shit and pay for shit all the time … but since getting all PTSDy and shit, the organising is sweet, but the ringing and talking is hard and the paying for stuff is non existent. So, I rely on him. I prompt, then wait.

But as the years have gone on, I’ve realised he can outlast me on the waiting! And eventually he gets it … but in the meantime we are going to have Yet another winter freezing our asses off!

And that is just the wood scenario.

Walk round the corner, west of the wood pile, and the lawns are now nearly knee high … Why???

‘Dear, the lawn mower needs fixing … or better yet, maybe we should get a new one?’ … ‘Yeah yeah, I’m on it’. 2 months ago!

Turn south of the lawns and theres 2 piles of ‘important things’ dwelling on our outside shelf. The piles getting larger each day and 1 of them has cobwebs now.

Head in doors … to the left is a pile of clothes … to be put away …

a dresser with another larger pile of clothes gathering dust …

a pile of ‘to be’ folded washing …

a trail of clothing after yesterdays wood gathering display of manliness, that goes from the lounge through to the kitchen, back down the wall into the bedroom ….

a huge pile of dishes from last night ,…. after manly wood gathering … that apparently couldn’t be done just yet …


and it goes on.

And on most days I walk around it, because “I’m not your fucking mother; pick up your own shit!” … but this cunning fucker has worked out, that I can only handle it for so long …. being the Queen of Minimalism, I will eventually Fix it!

But this time, I’m thinking …

One very large SKIP BIN!!!!


2 thoughts on “waaaay different we is;

  1. In our family we call this a Squalor Tolerance mismatch. The one with the lower ST ends up doing the cleanup. My mom would have taught your messier half to recognize and adapt to the lower ST of people he loves.

    And thank you so much for the re-blogging my article. It brought a tear to my eye to see it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I like that … wishing his mother had taught him the same thing 😉
      And you are more than welcome! A happy tear I hope 🙂 … I’ve shared your Facebook page too … social media has its uses!

      Liked by 1 person

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