365 reasons to smile ~ 145.

145. Found this book in my clean up too. I bought it for my oldest moko when he was about 4. He wanted to know why he couldn’t wear a dress; or pink tights; or have sparkles – like his sister. I told him he could if he wanted … much to his parents uncomfortable-ness lol. We used to read this book so he knew it was just fine to wear whatever he liked and be whoever he wanted! After awhile he decided on a Spider Man costume and a Spider Man persona instead of the dress, tights and sparkles 😉 He wore that thing everywhere … for an extremely long time lol!



2 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 145.

  1. What a wonderful status. My nephew was the same and instead of arguing with him we allowed him to put a tea towel on his head and pretend it was long hair. He outgrew it lol

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    • Nice! I wasn’t sure whether he’d outgrow it or not, neither were his parents! But I wanted to give him the opportunity to explore all possibilities … and personally I think gender ‘boxes’ are far too imposing 😉

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