oh, and these!

In response to this on a friends page, one of our narrow minded family members decided to reply with this:


“What a load of crap, the world owes you nothing get off your lazy arsed attitude and WORK, instill some disipline into your life and harden up princess, get out there and help US contribute to the taxes that help look after people like you in prison, feed the homeless and unemployed, amongest other things.
Make the change yourself instead of blaming everyone around you, feeling sorry for yourself and telling me (whom you don’t know) F… .. You, move on”

Its not her friend; she doesn’t even know the person whose post it was.


Soo, I had to reply to her….I just had too…

“Hi TW. This is KWs page, he therefore has the right to post as he pleases. I think you would have received this in your newsfeed as he is a friend of mine and my daughter. I’ve known this young man since he was a little boy. He has a beautiful heart and is fiercely loyal. All the stereotypical views you have espoused here I find quite embarrassing. Whilst you are entitled to your opinions I would just like KW to know that we don’t support these views. Love to you K … keep being you ;)”

The upshot, was the family member begrudgingly apologised, to me, not him … but I took it.

The dude whose post it was, rang to thank me for ‘having his back’ … I apologised to him again!

Oh the joys of misconception and bigotry … and thinking you can say whatever the hell you like because no-one is going to call you out on your bullshit!

Funny thing though … she hasn’t de-friended me – L M F A O.

Tomorrow, I stay away from Facebook 😉



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