365 reasons to smile ~ 165.

165. Benzo addiction / withdrawal is hell’ah bullshit horrible … but giving up the benzos meant I needed to take up a new pre-sleep ritual ….

So I took up this drop of awesomeness!

When I was a kid, and we could afford Milo (which wasn’t often) … I loved doing a glass of cold milk and a tonne of milo, stirred into a beautiful glass of chocolatey goodness! All in stealth mode though, as we weren’t allowed to waste the Milo.

Well guess what, I’m a big girl now, and I can afford Milo whenever I like! …. So before bed, I have one humungous glass of raw organic milk, with 2 tonnes of Milo in it!!! Mmmmm …. it makes losing the benzos that much easier to bear! :) ;)



2 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 165.

  1. I drink pickle juice now that I’m a big girl. I don’t have to hide on the floor behind the counter anymore!

    Is Milo like nesquik? I used to eat that stuff straight. Yum!

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    • Pickle juice?? As in, the juice from pickles? That sounds awful lol! But hey…
      And yeah, Milo is abit like nesquick, but chunkier sort of … chocolatey :) And yep, I used to shovel a couple spoonfuls in my gob before doing the milk and milo! Yums right … it is devine lol


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