I watched ‘Experimenter’ the other day …  true story about the social psychologist Stanley Milgram. I studied his book and experiments when I did Psychology and Sociology … 2 different reasons of course.

In Milgrims 1961 ‘experiments’, he looked at humans ‘willingness to obey’. This was measured by the willingness to electrocute another person, if directed to do so.

1 person was given the ‘power’ to shock another, until the person running the ‘test’ told them to stop. Even though the 2nd person, in the other room, receiving the ‘shocks’ (but not really), would cry out when they got the questions wrong and the voltage was increased … most of those peeps doing the ‘jolting’, didn’t stop, because the dude in charge told them to keep going.

So …


What are we?


Devoid of all humanity and consciousness?

….still looking for answers….


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