unfollow-ing apology / remedy

So it would appear that somewhere between internet-sphere and WordPress-ation, I have mysteriously ‘un-followed’ a few blogs. I’m not sure how or why and have only become aware of it when I clicked a blogger buddys gravatar icon thingy and was ‘asked’ if I wanted to follow it.

Ensuing conversation between myself, computer and said gravatar consisted of such things as:

‘I am following them’ … ‘apparently not’ … ‘but I didn’t unfollow’ … ‘why ask if I dam well want to follow when I already am’ … ‘I’ve only unfollowed that vagina chick, the nazi and that know it all christian .. fuck it all’.

When I came to my senses, I did a little check and it turns out at least a few dozen awesome blogs had been mysteriously unfollowed.

Soooo, if your none of the 3 listed peeps ;) I have rechecked the follow button, and if I should mysteriously unfollow at some stage, and you haven’t posted any random vaginas, nazi paraphernalia or have suggested I go to church to confess my sins …. I will remedy the error … eventually.

Soz!! (Me-speak for … Sorry :) )


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