and on a completely different note:

This is our cat. Well originally it was my daughters cat. She brought it home after school, like, 9 years ago. It was scrawny and had bright blue eyes … apparently she found it in the gutter outside the local shop.

We named him Ika. Which in Maori, means fish. Yes I know … the reasoning … his first feed was raw fish. So, it stuck.

So, heres Ika.

As you can see, he’s very black.


Now, what we have been debating, is whether Ika is a hermaphrodite. My partner is absolutely aghast at the idea, but I think its plausible.

Why? Because in the last 9 years we have never taken him to the Vet to be fixed; he / she has never had kittens; he / she doesn’t do that tom cat thing that tom cats do.

So, I googled it. Meet Marbles.

(Apparently they’re not so PC when it comes to talking about cats having both sets of genitalia and whether its normal or not. Typical.)

Anyway … aside from the already stated obviousness, which brought into question whether our Ika is indeed a hermaphrodite; I am continuously telling the partner that the cat is a pussy and needs to harden up a bit. Why?

Bring on this guy:


Ika gets completely and literally walked over and his food stolen out from under his nose. By a kitten half his size! At first glance you may think it is our Ika. But NO. This is a ‘little’ black kitten, with very distinct markings, like that of our Ika. The partner has decided that Ika is in fact the father and that is why he lets this kitten eat all his cat food!

I say No … Ika is a pussy .. .and possibly a hermaphrodite and therefore can’t have kittens.

So, with my evidence in hand, I’ll wait for the partner to return so I can do the ‘see I told you’ dance. And then see if he wants to go get Ika tested.

Apparently being a hermaphrodite cat is rare. So I’m thinking he should be worth something, right??

Can you tell I’m not really a cat lover ;)


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