365 reasons to smile ~ 173.

173. The only 2 …


who ‘liked’ the quality of this post .. .  LMAO ;)


LOL … thanks for understanding my sense of humour ;)


7 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 173.

    • Ahhh so do you think everyone took it personally?? I don’t really have one of those filter thingys, that tell me if something is going to offend peeps lol. Add ‘sarcasm is my second (well possibly 1st) language’ to that mix and I’m completely misunderstood :) Thanks for getting my humour ;)

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    • Bahahaha … it turns out I have a slight pickle phobia due to having to get past the giant pickle jar in my Grandfathers fridge to get to the soda stream bottle when i was a kid; I thought they were giant green turds in a jar and wondered what else my Grandparents were keeping!! Arrghhh. So misplaced angst … my apologies to you oh pickle lover lol

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