why hurt?

its not that they couldn’t

or even that their honesty was

more to do with their own insecurities.

it was that they did.

that they said it

with no consideration,

of me.

kpm ©


2 thoughts on “why hurt?

  1. In a comment the other day, I referred to empathy as a burden. Sometimes it feels that way. Like you care about others more than you care about yourself.

    And now I wonder about people who aren’t able to feel empathy. Or sympathy. The only person who means anything to them is themselves. Like the rest of us revolve around them, if we even exist. I suppose this is a description of a narcissist. When selfishness blocks out the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s about a brain that can’t see outside of itself. Or a brain that just doesn’t care, really, about anything or anyone. Even themselves. Maybe these people really hate themselves, but instead of turning that hate inward, they blast it out to anyone who crosses their path.

    Or maybe a narcissist is really just a dickhead. :)

    • Yeah, i think some Empaths, are empaths because they’ve known ‘pain’?. And then theres this self centred bullshit, that only is capable of seeing themselves. A new breed of dickhead that hasn’t felt any pain or any hardship because they’ve been spoilt, sheltered little shits their entire lives. These pricks seem to expect the world and all those in it, to deliver them what ever they want! … .As you know, I can be blunt / honest … but theres an honesty that comes from this lot that is just … mongrel! …Like the time a ‘good friend’ of mine was getting married and wanted me to be her bridesmaid, “But you have too many tattoos and I’ll have to change the dresses to cover them” … so instead she ignored me for 5 years and got married during that time. Or my dear ‘friend’ who I explained the nuances of PTSD to and that I couldn’t listen to her for to long, it hurt my head … she interrupted mid-explanation and continued talking about Her! And still does. Or the ‘friend’ that shows up on my doorstep because she’s having a hard time with her 5th house she’s just bought, her well paid job, her husband works too hard and she’s feeling neglected ; Oh excuse Me for having PTSD! …I thought I’d done a decent cleanse of my friends … but may need to do another ;) … btw I reckon narcissists just need a dam good hiding!!

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