365 reasons to smile ~ 190.

190. WTF? I hear you saying … let me explain …

When I was a kid, Mum would send me to the shop to get the Sunday bread … huge loaf of freshly baked bread; soft and squishy mmmmm.

I would try and refrain from the temptation … but usually couldn’t … and I’d hollow out the middle of the bread, squish it up into a doughy ball and eat it! I loved it!

Well, guess who got a big loaf a fresh bread??? And guess who reverted back to a 7 year old kid???

Yep … ME :) :) :)






14 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 190.

  1. I don’t know who decided that this activity was childlike, only to be enjoyed by kids. I, for one, never grew out of it. It’s just hard to find bread good enough to eat plain these days. Anyway, if you eat flour tortillas, the smushing is already done for you. :)

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  2. I remember doing that as a kid as well! Funny though, now I like denser whole grain type breads…. not much squish there :P Wonderful that you were able to relive such a great childhood memory :)

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    • Hah! You too! ! … Yeah I’m not much for white bread at all now … you know, older insides and all lol … but couldn’t help myself with the fresh loaf LOL

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