to be white for a day

If I was white for the day …


what would I do with my whiteness,

you ask.

Probably not what you think.


I’d go to that little boutique,

the one that has absolutely gorgeous couture.

I’d browse.

I know I wouldn’t be followed –

being white.


Then I’d go to the bank

and browse the credit card pamphlets

at my leisure,

I know no-one would tell me

I need a job for one of those,

or ask the security guard to stand next to me –

being white.


Then I’d go to that little french patisserie place

with the croissants that have chocolate in them

and I’d buy a dozen of them.

I know they wouldn’t look at my hips

or ask me not to touch the food in the cabinet

or ask me how I intend on paying for those –

being white.


And then I’d apply for the house

round the corner

that I was declined for,


because I had ‘bad credit’.

I wouldn’t be checked or declined –

being white.


Finally, I’d go back to the store

that wouldn’t serve me

even though I was in line first,

asking me to wait for the white ‘lady’ behind me.

I’d run a huge purchase up,

getting her to package all my unpaid goods.


And when she was done,

I’d change my mind and go elsewhere.

I can, because I’m white.

And she was a bitch.




Not big things, would I do.

Just the little things, that I endure,

Just the little things I avoid –

being brown.


7 thoughts on “to be white for a day

  1. Man, im white, but i am very heavily tattooed so no shit, whenever i walk into a shop, shop assistants spy on me…i asked one of my bosses once why people do that, she said i looked like a shop lifter. I walked into a fancy tapas bar the other night, and a whole table of people stopped their conversation and stared at me, and started whispering and laughing. Anyway, while im not being discriminated because of my skin colour or my race, i kind of feel this post. I also am very deeply deeply disturbed about the histories of those of colour, the Maori, the African Americans, all indigenous people. This shit going on in America is devastating me. I remember watching Roots as a young teen and i dunno, maybe in a previous life i was a person of colour, i have waaaay too many feels for a white girl. Does this post even make sense…im sorry…i had like 3 hours sleep last night.

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    • LOL i hear yah … I’m heavily tattooed as well … so usually need to discern whether its a tats thing or a race thing … its usually both … i apparently make for an uncomfortable package! With these ones though, I know it was race because the people ‘with me’ were white and got treated extremely differently. The lady that wouldn’t serve me and asked me to wait for the white lady; well that ‘white’ lady was my mother … blue eyes, white skin. It’s just a conversation thats long over due that every white person needs to have with each other, to flesh out their misconceptions. My mother is forever confronting racist pricks … being white, she’s privy to their openly racist statements; revolting for her … but she puts them in their place … and thats where it starts.

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        • Its called eurocentricity ;) they believe they are somehow superior because they’re white / of european descent. And because they believe they are superior, their imperialistic attitude has colonised and brutalised indigenous nations throughout the world and enslaved the rest! We get taught this attitude in school, through the media, through attitudes … that whats wrong with them. Takes bit of unlearning, but it can be done ;)

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        • Fucked up… See I look at people of indigenous descent to be superior over Europeans. Which is kind of racist at the same time lol cos you know every life is equal…

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