feeling a tad lost …

As I’ve said over the last few weeks … its been a bit of a head fuck. But that’s not new really … it’s the ups and downs of life i guess.

The whole racism thing is getting to my spirit and even though i respond as i need to … it has a depleting effect … ‘powerlessness’ i think it is. It feels like your pushing runny shit up hill with a fork!

But this also is nothing new. I’ve been responding to my experiences, ethnicity included, for a long while now and some days i feel victorious; others, not so much.

I wonder sometimes, how much can one set of beings tolerate before it becomes completely intolerable?


5 thoughts on “feeling a tad lost …

  1. Even as someone who isn’t often a target of racism (it has happened to me in a place where I was a minority) I only know a fraction of how it feels, but seeing it happen to anyone hurts deeply, offends me, and I don’t believe it’s something to be tolerated.

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