365 reasons to smile ~ 209.

209. Don’t know if you can really ‘feel’ these or not … they’re my new ‘fluffies’ LOL … they’re like those super fluffy blankets, but sheet and pillow case form, and Oh My God, they make everything … just, like, way better ;) :)



2 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 209.

  1. I love the color! I’m a fan of fluffies too, although I’ve yet to find a sheet set that is as soft as my blankets. So I sleep on top of a fuzzy blanket, and under another fuzzy blanket….with the fan blasting on me because it’s about 100 degrees. Such is the price to pay to feel like I’m surrounded by clouds. :D

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    • AHHH Yuss! … me and the partner have continuous ‘debates’ about my fluffies … he hates them and reckons they’re ‘man repellent’ … what evs i say lol … but prior to these, I would put down a fluffy blanket then have another on top … yes just like a cosy little cloud!! :) … my daughter found these and got them .. and i love the colour … and now i want more more more of these sheets .. so i never run out LOL

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