365 reasons to smile ~ 223.

223. Most of the time I cringe, or have an out right fit, at the shit my partner decides to buy. Mainly because it’s not reasonably thought out bargains that he acquires; no, they’re filthy expensive spur of the moment purchases that he thinks (at the time) are really,  really awesome! And most of them are ‘boys toys’ purchases, so it’s not like they’re actually useful or anything. And this is the latest buy. Apparently it will ‘feed the whanau’ … as in he’ll go hunting with it and we will aaalllll benefit from it … which is actually disguised man talk for ‘I really wanted it…so I bought it’. In all the years we’ve been together, his hunting expeditions have netted 3 large turnips, 2 oranges, an apple, 1 quail and 1 deer. He’s actually more of a pacifist but is struggling with the ‘manly’ side of that theory.

So, what else is this piece of equipment useful for? And what actually made me laugh, after I’d said my ‘piece’?

Yes, you guessed it … if the zombie apocalypse should happen any time soon, we will be set! As long as they’re not fast zombies … because it takes a ton of strength to pull back the bow thingy on this bastard!



2 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 223.

  1. Hahaha, men. My husband just bought a road bike, and now he thinks he’s Lance Armstrong…you know, before the whole blood doping thing was revealed. They’ve certainly got a flair for grandiose thinking/excuses for purchasing pointless crap. 😉

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    • I know right! Geez well its nice to know the purchasing of pointless crap is a generalised phenomena over the entire male species!!! Whats with that?? LOL and they have the cheek to complain if we want a pair of shoes !

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